I smile when I see my friends using Vitraya to process their insurance claims thanks to me.

The world's fastest healthcare claim settlement platform


Healthcare Claim Settlement Is Challenging

Policy Holder

Delay In Settlement

With Vitraya, claims get settled instantly with the blink of an eye

Inability To Know Exact Claim Amount

Once you enter your claim details, the system will instantly tell you the exact amount approved by the insurer

Lengthy Process

No courier. No waiting time. Submit claims and get money instantly


Fraud Cases

Eliminate fraudulent or excess claims: detects document forgery, identity forgery etc.

Administrative Costs

Blockchain enabled auto-screening of all documents against policy codes reduces cost

Cost Compliance

MoU rates, co-payment amounts, all applied automatically

Documentation Hassles

No more physical papers required. Everything is online

Health Care Provider

Revenue losses, long AR revenues

Improve revenue cycle with faster collections and lower admin costs

Patient Frustration

Keep your patients happily coming back by instantly settling their insurance claims

Documentation Hassle

No more physical papers required. Everything is online

Settlement Delays

Get approvals instantly and get paid in microseconds

Eliminate Challenges With Vitraya

Learn how dialysis chain NephroPlus improved revenues, bed utilization, patient's satisfaction and loyalty by using Vitraya

1 Millionth Of A Second

That's the speed of our blockchain enabled technology platform

The power of blockchain technology is immense. It transforms millions of individual data points into stored hubs to be called upon when required. It keeps patient and insurance data safe and secure 100%, and makes it available only to the authentic party, within 1 millionth of a second.

The core of the Vitraya platform lies in our AI-enabled Blockchain technology that not just ensure the security of the hospital, patient and policy data, but also enables processing at near speed of light.

Come and experience the power of Vitraya.

Smart Contract Platform

That's the speed of our blockchain enabled technology platform

Our blockchain-enabled smart contracts platform is the most secure and private contracts platform designed as yet. What this means is that when you submit your insurance settlement claims to the insurer, the platform secures all ends of the data in private blocks. Both parties can then safely interact and sign off on a settlement contract easily and smoothly.

server room

How Do You Improve Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) With A Smart Contract Platform?

with a Smart Contract Platform?